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They have a great staff. Michelle was my midwife for my pregnancy and I loved her. But the whole staff is amazing and would definitely recommend them to everyone.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Reyes and his staff. The office is lovely and clean. The staff is friendly and courteous. Dr. Reyes is warm and caring. I have lived all over the US and this is the best experience I have ever had with a specialty doctor and staff. I would definitely recommend this office to family and friends.

Quality patient care is a top priority in this practice. I became a patient (with Liz) when I turned 17. Over the years, the doctors and staff helped/guided me through two pregnancies and births (Lucy and Dr. Reyes). I would recommend any of the doctors/midwives and (of course) Liz to anyone in search of a reputable OB/GYN.

Greatest staff all around! All of the doctors and midwives are compassionate, patient, and wonderful.
The ultrasound technician, Joellen, is very informative on everything you need to know about an Ultrasound and is always very warm and welcoming.

The accounting and billing department has gone above and beyond for me. I have had several changes in insurance and Samantha has been so great at communicating with me personally and she is always over-informative.

This entire staff is AMAZING and always accommodating!!!

I have a great experience every time I visit the office. The staff and the doctors are very professional, helpful, and kind. Thank you for providing us with such exceptional services. You make it easy on the patients. Thank you!

I have never regretted making BayView my choice for wellness care. Dr. McNeill is a physician who is unique and genuine, he will not hesitate to call you personally if there is a concern you have or an answer you need – I’ve never had a physician call me at home because he couldn’t get to my appointment due to a delivery. That blew my mind! He is a physician that is so engaged with his patients – told me my hair style made me look older than I was – that was classic!

When he saw me in a hospital visiting a friend, he reminded me I was overdue for my check-up – PRICELESS! What doctor does that??? Liz is excellent and can relate to my issues as a female, wonderful experience, visits feel like visits with friends. I’ve recommended many friends and colleagues and none have ever had anything negative to say, in fact after their visits they know why I’ve been a patient for more than 15 years!

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